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At PLM Lender Services, Inc., we recognize the need for professional, personal service. In an industry that requires the use of advanced technological systems, PLM realizes the importance of the coupling of this technology with knowledgeable, pleasant, personal service. Borrowers, lenders and brokers appreciate the responsiveness of our personnel. Our goal at PLM is to be sure that the brokers, as well as the lenders and borrowers feel confident that any time a question or a situation may arise, the personnel at PLM will quickly and effectively respond and resolve their needs. With its years of experience, PLM has seen many changes in the industry. However, some things never change; expertise and the personal touch to maintain excellence in both borrower and investor relations is always the key for success in this industry.
  PLM provides a full range of services for real estate lenders:  
  • Mailing to borrower of introduction letter, loan payment coupons and servicing standards.
  • Collection of monthly payments and payoffs from borrowers and disbursements to investors.
  • Mailing of late notices to borrowers and maturity notices on all loans.
  • Preparation and submission of payoff demands and requests for full reconveyance.
  • Tracking of status of fire insurance and delinquent senior loans; notice to borrowers and letters to investors when action is required.
  • All telephone and written communication to borrowers and investors.
  • Referral to foreclosure department - upon investor approval.
  • Referral to legal staff of all files in which the trustor files bankruptcy or an assignment of rent action is required - upon investor approval.
  • Preparation and filing of required 1099’s and 1098‘s to the IRS and annual statements.
  • Providing on-line access to lenders’ accounts 24/7 via a secure internet server.



PLM Lender Services, Inc. does not offer a proprietary forbearance or modification plan.  Due to the fact that all loans serviced by PLM Lender Services, Inc. are privately funded, loans at PLM are not potentially eligible for any federal, state or lender guideline foreclosure prevention alternative program.  Should a borrower request a forbearance or modification, it would be subject to majority lender approval.

PLM Lender Services, Inc. - CalBRE License #01125529, NMLS #322482

PLM Loan Processing Center, Inc. - CalBRE License #01858761, NMLS #945371

CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA (not all services available in all states)


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