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The proper processing of foreclosures requires expertise and professional care. With over 20 years of experience in performing non-judicial foreclosure actions, PLM understands the special needs of today’s real estate lenders. The hallmark of PLM’s Service is rapid and comprehensive delinquent loan processing for the institutional and private lender. PLM’s highly trained staff provides professional representation and competent attention to detail throughout the foreclosure process. Along with personalized service from PLM, you enjoy the added safety of dealing with a corporation whose financial strength and reputation are unparalleled in the delinquent loan recovery industry.
  PLM offers a full range of services:  
  • 24-hour service on notices of default.
  • Weekly status reports.
  • Errors and omissions coverage.
  • Special corporate credit arrangements.
  • Complete legal service specializing in bankruptcy releases and assignment of rent actions.
  • In-house brokerage department to handle REO management and resales.
  • Seminars for your staff to discuss recent foreclosure and bankruptcy law.

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